Cryptocurrency and NFTs are supercharging end user domain name sales – Domain Name Wire

Many recent domain sales are tied to cryptocurrency and NFT businesses.

The surge in cryptocurrencies and interest in NFTs is driving lots of domain name sales. Just this week, at least four of the end user sales I uncovered at Sedo are related to these hot segments. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other sales (e.g., superworld .com) fall into this category as well.

Here’s the list of end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

SpaceCoin.com $35,000 – IBX is an innovation and investment firm. Some of its investments are in space exploration. I suspect this domain is for some sort of cryptocurrency play for space exploration.

Sand.kr $16,000 – This domain forwards to Sandbox.game, which is a gaming land NFT site.

Cryptochamber.com $8,999 – This is a network of blockchain-related businesses.

Pasithea.com $7,700 – Pasithea Therapeutics is a mental health and brain disorder research company.

STKX.com $5,000 – StockX LLC is an exchange to buy and sell collectibles such as shoes and trading cards.

RareGoods.com $4,500 – Rare Goods pitches itself as “The World’s First Complete NFT Solution Designed for Major Teams, Brands and Organizations.” In other words, it will help companies and sports teams get into the NFT craze

Landstock.com $4,000 – Landstock is a full-service commercial real estate marketing firm that provides photography, videography, 3D tours, websites, branding & marketing.

StepTwo.org €3,899 – This is an interesting acquisition by Canva, the online design and publishing platform.

BR-Design.com $2,995 – Bannenberg & Rowell Design, a firm that designs superyachts.

Marie-Jose.com €2,900 – Marie-Jose & Co is a cosmetics company specializing in products for eyebrows. It forwards this domain to Marie-Jose.co.

Immobilie1.com €2,750 – ivd 24 immobilien, a German real estate listing website, bought this domain.

Akker.com €2,499 – The domain forwards to Akker.nl. VD Akker is a Dutch high-end car dealer specializing in Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes cars.

Aeoohio.com $2,448 – Complete Personnel Logistics bought this domain. It’s part of the Minute Men Human Resource System, a network of companies providing personnel, administrative, risk management, and transportation services across the US.

Doctor.pe $2,300 – The site is still under construction, but it has a message suggesting it will be a medical site.


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