NFT Boom On The Cards, Enjin Coin Price Set To Hit $15?

NFT Boom On The Cards, Enjin Coin Price Set To Hit $15?

enj chartenj chart

Enjin Coin is one of the popular NFT tokens which manifest a strong bullish trend nowadays. With a nearly 40% rally in the past week, the ENJ price manifested a strong momentum to hit the milestone at much higher levels than expected.

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Moreover, the CEO of Enjin Coin, Maxim Blagov has hinted at the most important milestone awaiting ahead for the ENJ and EFI platform. 

With a significant upgrade in the ENJ ecosystem, the probability of a positive impact on the price rises.And hence a major bull run may be on the cards which may rally the price to as high as above $10 also.

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Will ENJ Price Go Beyond $10?

The price that maintained a sideway trend since its inception, spiked suddenly with the beginning of 2021. However, the recent slash drained the price more than 50%, yet the token showcases a strong desire to regain the lost positions. 

Interestingly, considering the recent price movements, a healthy bounce may be expected on the cards. As predicted by a popular technical analyst, Jordan Bullfort, the rally may also hit as high as $15. 

The analyst also said that the zones in between $1.44 and $1.45 are the zones one can enter and book profits. As the market conditions are still vague, one can expect a pretty healthy bounce for the Enjin coin price from the current levels. 

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