Ojamu Taps NFTs and AI to Come Up With Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Ojamu Taps NFTs and AI to Come Up With Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Singapore-based Ojamu brings together AI and NFTs as a base to predict the most effective digital marketing strategy. The company automates and recommends digital marketing strategies with the help of AI and real-time data, thus multiplying success probability. 

Using AI and NFTs for Marketing Campaigns

Based on IDC data, expenditure on blockchain solutions has increased to 60.2% and is expected by 2023 to reach $ 15.9 billion. Nearly all industries want technology to optimize their processes, and there is no exception to marketing.

The lack of coherent toolsets and actual data is one of the significant reasons why medium-sized and large companies are trailing behind in their marketing. They avoid gaining an advantage over flexible startups. These challenges impede them, and this is where Ojamu comes in. 

Ojamu is a MarTech company that has a vision that will revolutionize the digital marketing space. All leading blockchains support the cross-chain solution. Ojamu’s innovative technology uses hundreds of millions of data points in real-time throughout its target areas.

Going The Technology Way

Ojamu’s AI and intelligence instruments connect to NFTs available by brands and marketing agencies to access the vital data points of the vertical industry. The NFTs also allow you to access cross-related data points to identify previously undisclosed sets of information and insights that might help digital marketing initiatives.

The Neural Predictive Engine is another component in the Ojamu platform that analyzes data and uses AI predictive algorithms to produce the ideal digital marketing strategy with the most significant ROI potential. It provides brands and marketing agencies with an easy-to-use blueprint.

With Ojamu, decentralized storage solutions fragment and distribute users’ data over numerous network nodes to ensure data security.

Getting Into e-Sports and Gaming 

Earlier this year in May, the company teamed with Wasder to optimally enter ultra-competitive sports and games vertically through its digital marketing activities.

Wasder’s objective is to provide its 100’000 users with a personalized gaming environment. Wasder allows gamers to locate the perfect people to play with, participate in their interest and participate in a community-driven gaming experiment, all in one platform.

Blockchain technology could still be an emerging technology, but every business wants to benefit from it since its potential has been realized. The blockchain could transform digital marketing when integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ojamu is doing just that.

In virtually every sector, blockchain is disrupting digital marketing. Blockchain is used by some of the world’s largest corporations, including Nestle, McDonald’s, and Unilever, to strengthen their digital marketing operations.

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