Zooshi Is Launching an All-In-One Platform For Gaming, Rare NFTs, And Exciting Rewards

Zooshi Is Launching an All-In-One Platform For Gaming, Rare NFTs, And Exciting Rewards

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The world of cryptocurrency is gaining unexampled hype, especially during and after the corona pandemic period and the last year was full of exciting occurrences in the crypto market which fueled its upsurge among common people even more. Where the crypto space is becoming a hub for new projects, services, and tools, users are still unable to find a platform that integrates all the cool features and serves them as a dish directly on their plates. This is exactly where Zooshi comes into the picture. The newly announced project welcomes all crypto enthusiasts to visit its carefully designed zoo and find an all-in-one stop for all their crypto financing-related needs.

The project aims to ease the pain of every investor by providing a diverse platform. It would not only allow them to enjoy gaming but also include innovative NFTs and rewards. Zooshi aims to build a tightly-knit community of holders who have been wandering to find an easy-to-use platform for asset investment. The developer team will make sure that the community members are sufficiently rewarded for their loyalty and the project sustains for the long term to continue benefiting them.

Zooshi is not just another Crypto Company but has been launched with a community-driven mission as well. The developer team has made it clear that they will not only be catering to the unique demands of crypto and gaming enthusiasts but also be using the platform to facilitate donations to aid zoo conservation charities all around the globe. This unique approach sets them apart from all the other existing projects and makes them more attractive to crypto players.

So how has Zooshi planned to become a profitable project for its holders? To start with, the team behind this platform has formulated a unique tokenomics that would ensure that holders are rewarded adequately and at the same time it can accomplish its mission and goals. 15% tax would be applied on every transaction including buys and sells. 3% of the amount generated would be sent back to the liquidity pool while 7% would be redistributed among the holders. Since the team is forging forward with marketing and promotional campaigns to build a large community, 5% of the total transaction tax amount would be sent towards the development of the project and marketing purposes.

Other than efficient tokenomics, first-time investors would be rewarded in SUSHI token and the team would develop a user-intuitive website interface offering individual dashboards to all the holders to track their rewards. Zooshi is offering a treat to gaming buffs too. Its games, currently in Beta version, could be run on all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and soon on iOS as well. The games will be equipped with attractive NFTs which could be traded in the marketplace or held for a long time to incur additional rewards.

Zooshi has recently completed auditing and has passed all checks with flying colors. The team will be working on minor changes suggested in the audit to evolve the ecosystem into its beat version. In the said process, Dessert Finance was able to point out various signs of confidence like the responsiveness of the team, willingness to take up auditing pre-launch, BSCScan verified code, valid SSL certificate, and active social media presence, that establishes Zooshi as a reliable and credible project. With all these positive indicators and a myriad of efficient features packed in its bag, Zooshi will surely become the first choice of investors and crypto gamers in no time.

Media Contact Details:
Company: Zooshi
Website: https://zooshi.io/ 
Email: [email protected] 
Telegram: https://t.me/zooshicoin  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooshicoin



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