Social Network Blockster Collaborates with Enjin to Reward 400K Early Users with NFTs

Social Network Blockster Collaborates with Enjin to Reward 400K Early Users with NFTs

23 August 2021 Blockster, a new social network dedicated to cryptocurrency, has announced a collaboration with Enjin, the leading blockchain ecosystem developer for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In anticipation of Blockster’s upcoming public testnet launch, the platform is working with Enjin to give away up to 400,000 NFTs to early Blockster users.

The use of Enjin’s gas-free, eco-friendly JumpNet blockchain will enable Blockster to mint and distribute all 400,000 NFTs with zero fees. In comparison, the same transactions on Ethereum would cost over $3 million in gas fees (at the time of writing).

Support for smart contracts will also be added to JumpNet soon, as announced by Enjin today. JumpNet smart contracts will help developers build the next wave of top blockchain-based games in a more efficient, affordable, and flexible manner.

Pivoting back to the partnership, Blockster’s waitlist has already amassed over 380,000 registrants, who are now eligible to receive Blockster’s first-ever NFT as a reward. To claim the NFT, users simply need to register for the Blockster waitlist and enter on the giveaway page.

“We are excited to work with Blockster to launch their first NFTs on JumpNet,” said Enjin CMO Deon Moh. “Gas-free NFT transactions are opening new doors for community building and engagement, and we look forward to working with Blockster as they pursue a new vision for social media in the vibrant blockchain community.”

In addition, Blockster is hosting an exclusive giveaway of five NFTs backed by 50 Enjin Coin (ENJ) each. All participants will be entered into a random drawing for the chance to win one of the limited-edition NFTs. The more actions a user completes, the more likely they are to win.

Blockster is leveraging Enjin’s NFT technology to pioneer a new community-building strategy, offering blockchain-based rewards for the completion of social actions, such as subscribing, sharing, and referring friends.

“We are excited to release the first set of Blockster NFTs in celebration of this important milestone, and provide our community with first-hand experience with NFTs. We plan to launch an NFT marketplace in the future, and we wanted to use this technology to reward our loyal user base for supporting our project since the early days,” stated Lidia Yadlos, co-founder and CMO of Blockster.

Blockster launched its closed testnet in July 2021 and is actively onboarding users from its waitlist. The platform aims to become “the official space for the blockchain industry,” as well as a community for NFT trading, with an NFT Marketplace included in Stage 3 of its roadmap.

Users interested in joining the NFT giveaway and Blockster waitlist can participate at enj.in/blockster-nft.

About Blockster

Blockster, powered by the BXR token, is the only fully-featured social network dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. Blockster aims to become an extensive, international social network with its own native currency (BXR token), on which all advertising occurs on the platform. To learn more about Blockster, visit blockster.com.

About Enjin

Enjin is the leading all-in-one ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Enjin ecosystem offers a comprehensive product stack for creating, trading, distributing, and integrating NFTs into virtual worlds. As a scalable, affordable platform, Enjin’s tech has seen wide application in blockchain games, applications, enterprise programs, and innovative marketing campaigns. For more information, visit enjin.io.

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