Christie’s Auction House Selling a Set of NFT Curio Cards

Christie's Auction House Selling a Set of NFT Curio Cards

The British Auction House has been a major player in the NFT art market in recent months. 

Famed auction house Christie’s has announced a new sale containing a full set of curio cards to begin on October 1. This is not Christie’s first foray into digital art. Previously, the auction house sold NFTs from Block 21, Cryptopunks, and most notably, Beeple’s $69 million sale. 

Now, the house has announced that a set of old 2017-issued Curio Cards will be up for auction with a secret rare card included. The set contains 30 NFT cards, including the rare editions known as 17b. The news was confirmed by Noah Davis, the “NFT Guy” at Christie’s Auction House. 

The cards were created by Thomas Hunt, aka Mad Bitcoins, who predicted that NFTs would be a big deal back in 2017. The Curio Cards are considered to be among the oldest artwork on the Ethereum blockchain according to the announcement on Twitter. The artists who collaborated on the original project include Cryptograffiti, Phneep, Luis Buenaventura, and Marisol Vengas. The sale is part of Christie’s Post-War to Present sale. 

Are curio cards the next big thing in NFTs?

The cards for auction are part of the “My Curio Cards,” collection that launched in May. 2017. The project is the first on Ethereum and features 30 unique series of cards from seven different artists. Due to the age of the project, the Curio Cards must be wrapped to work on OpenSea. The process “upgrades the card, placing it inside a newer contract which is OpenSea compatible.” 

While the idea of collecting NFT curio cards is foreign to many, the fact is My Curio Cards is the sixth-ranked NFT art project on OpenSea. Growth over the last 30 days has been significant. The average price over the last month is just north of $7,000 with a trading volume of 78,300. However, in the last seven days, the average price of a curio from the collection is closer to $12,000 and the trading volume is around  $22,600. There are currently 3,800 curio owners and the collection overall has a total volume traded of around $75 million since 2017. 


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