In Conversation: Kirsten Hinder X Art Toronto

Our Co-Founder, Kirsten Hinder, was recently invited by Art Toronto to participate in their ‘PLATFORM Talks’, a fantastic discussion series featuring art-world experts from various fields.


In her talk, ‘Crypto Conversation: The Future of NFTs and Art’, Kirsten spoke with Samuel Arsenault-Brassard, a Montreal-based digital artist/architect and collector of NFTs.


Watch the full recording HERE.


Crypto Conversation: The Future of NFTs and Art:

Digital art (in the shape of JPGs, GIFs, and more) has been around for decades, but only over the last year has it become more collectible, thanks to the rise of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Hear from two experts in this burgeoning field who define what NFTs are within the art world, how digital and analogue (or physical) artworks relate, and the potential impact on galleries and museums.

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