Our Solution

Our Solution

Digital Technology is re-defining several aspects of the Art World, including how Art is created, bought, sold and displayed.

In part, a new Collector demographic is driving this – Many of today’s Collectors are not only consuming Art, but actively shaping the digital landscape in which it is consumed.

Recently, NFT and Blockchain technologies have been vital in fueling unprecedented growth in the digital Art World, but their potential to positively impact and sustain the physical Art World is relatively un-tapped.

Nfinitymark is on a mission to change that.

With our combined expertise from the worlds of Art, Chemistry and Technology, we have developed a unique solution for indisputably connecting physical artworks to the digital world, via Blockchain technology, and NFT’s.

Our products contain a unique serial number used to tag physical works of Art. When discreetly applied to an artwork, they give the work a unique identity that is recorded in a digital token – an NFT – and can be secured on a Blockchain.

Once the artwork has been verified by the Artist, Art Gallery or Authenticator, the NFT acts as a digital passport of sorts, where all pertinent information about the artwork’s provenance, ownership and technical specifications is stored.

What are the Benefits of Artoken?

For Artists

Tag your Artworks at source, to ensure that provenance is recorded and they are securely verified before leaving the studio. Add value to your sales by complimenting physical artworks with digital assets. Register and manage your works and artist rights on our ecosystem. Widen your audience to new collectors.

For Gallerists

Our state-of-the-art system allows you to tag Artworks from your inventory and secure them on the Blockchain with a digital record of provenance. Registering and managing NFT inventory on our ecosystem is an opportunity to offer existing customers a new service for verifying and securing their collections. It is also a great way to attract new collectors.

For Gallerists

Our state-of-the-art system allows you to tag Artworks from your inventory and secure them on the Blockchain with a digital record of provenance. Registering and managing NFT inventory on our ecosystem is an opportunity to offer existing customers a new service for verifying and securing their collections. It is also a great way to attract new collectors.

For collectors

Protect your investments by collecting Artworks that are verified with a secure record of provenance on the Blockchain. You can also verify artworks retroactively, with the help of your Art Dealer. Set up a smart wallet for easy access and management of your collection.


NFTs, Crypto, and Digital Art

NFT is an acronym that stands for Non-Fungible Token.

Since NFTs are one-of a-kind, they can be used to establish the uniqueness of a given asset like Art, Music, or Collectibles. In the art world, NFTs can represent a digital artwork, but they can also be used to authenticate physical artworks, acting as a deed of authorship, ownership and provenance.

A Blockchain is a digital ledger that records information and transactions.  It is decentralised, meaning that it is maintained by an extensive network of computers, making it difficult to alter or hack.

Blockchain technology offers a secure way for individuals to manage one-to-one transactions without an intermediary like a bank or government.

’Minting’ is the term used for recoding digital data / assets on a Blockchain. To ‘Mint an NFT’ means to publish it publicly on a Blockchain.

A ‘Gas Fee’ is the cost for carrying out any function on the Ethereum Blockchain.

When a user Mints an NFT, for example, they pay a Gas Fee to compensate for the computational energy spent to verify their transaction and include it in the Blockchain.

No – When you mint your physical artwork, its NFT will contain both an image of the artwork and a record of provenance. However, the Collector who acquires your artwork is not authorised to monetise on the NFT, so your IP is still in tact.

About NfinityMark

Artoken is the name of our system of digital tagging / tokenisation. We use Artoken to authenticate physical artworks and connect them to a unique digital record of provenance.


Our products benefit Artists, Art Dealers, Institutions, Auction Houses and Collectors.
However, since they have been developed as a means to authenticate artworks, the recommended usage is for individuals authorised to authenticate an artwork, including Artists, Art Dealers (on behalf the artist) and Auction Houses.

Securing artworks with an Artoken is a means of securing authorship, ownership and provenance. By adding a digital layer to physical artworks, we secure their value and give them currency in an increasingly digitised future. This will open up new possibilities in Metaverses to come.

Using the App

A digital record is similar to a digital certificate of authenticity. It verifies the origin, authorship and ownership of the artwork and hosts important information relating to the artwork’s materiality. The record gets updated when the artwork passes from one owner to the next.

No – You can still make an account without adding a Wallet ID during registration; However, some functions in the App will not be available.

Our Creator’s and Collector’s apps are Free to download, create an account, and use basic functions including creating and transferring your digital Artwork.

To activate the in-app NFT minting service, there is a one-time fee of US$14.99, which allows you to mint your Artworks directly to a Metamask wallet.

Our Artoken tags are sold individually for 50 EUR per tag and come ready to prepare your work for the future. Please contact us for more information on bulk order pricing.

To connect an existing Digital Wallet to your profile, copy and paste your Wallet ID into the designated field in the ‘My Profile’ page.

PLEASE NOTE that the Artoken Creator’s App is currently only compatible with MetaMask wallets.

Ask your Collector to download the Artoken Collector’s App (free on the App Store).

Select an Artwork to transfer in your archive. Click on “View / Transfer” and input the Collector’s email address in the field provided. The Collector will see the record appear in their app when they click on “View Works”

Accounts & Users

Step 1: Download the Artoken App (available for Free in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users).

If you are an Artist or Gallerist, search for ‘Artoken Creator’s Edition’

If you are a Collection, search for ‘Artoken Collector’s Edition’

Step 2: Open the App on your phone and click the ‘New User?’ button at the bottom of the Log In page.

Fill out your account information and add your MetaMask address to the Wallet ID field (Note: if you do not yet have a digital wallet you can leave this field empty).


Step 3: Complete the Sign Up and order your Artoken Tags to begin securing your work for the future!

To reset your password, click “Forgot Password?” on the Log In page in the Artoken App.
You will then be prompted to enter your email address and sent further instructions to complete the password reset.

Please contact us directly for support with this request.


It is crucial that the information you input when you create new records is correct. For security reasons, it is not possible edit the record afterward it has been completed, so we encourage you to take your time and be thorough.


For further assistance please contact us directly.

The Artoken Tag ID number will appear automatically in the completed artwork record but it is not uncommon to experience a short delay, which can depend on file size or your internet connection. If the serial number has not appeared after 30 minutes, please contact our support.

Depending on the file size or your internet connection, it may take several minutes for the new Artwork Record to connect to the Artoken Tag ID number.

If you continue to experience problems with the tap function please contact us directly.

Please contact us directly for support with this issue.

Please contact us directly for support with this issue.

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